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KSB Hospital is known by the motto “It’s The People,” and this is no exception when it comes to our volunteers.

Many individuals find that volunteering at KSB Hospital offers an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life and experience the joy of reaching out to others. Our volunteers come from all walks of life, but there is one thing that each of them share: the pride they have in being an integral part of KSB.

You put in only as much time as a volunteer as you can spare. Some volunteers work once or twice a week; others work once or twice a month. We will work with you as much as possible to coordinate the time and department you hope to volunteer in.

Become a KSB Volunteer

Join us in our continued efforts to ensure each patient has an outstanding experience at KSB, by completing the application below.

Volunteer Application (Printable)

Volunteer Application (Online)

If you choose to complete the printable version, please get in touch with Aaron Fox, at (815) 285-5836 or email afox@ksbhospital.com. An appointment will be scheduled to match your time, talent, and availability.

Volunteering Requirements

Volunteering is open to those 14 years of age and older. All volunteers will be asked to make a minimum 3-month commitment to KSB Hospital and are required to obtain a variety of mandatory immunizations and a flu vaccination before beginning to volunteer within our organization.

In lieu of a flu vaccination, you may sign a medical release declination/religious exempt form. Confidentiality and ethical behavior are of the utmost importance at KSB Hospital, all volunteers are required to sign our HIPAA Confidentiality Agreement, Commitment to Compliance, and Standards of Behavior forms.

Volunteer Opportunities

Location: Women’s Imaging Center, KSB Hospital – Door 4, and Town Square Centre

  • Welcome patients and provide a friendly face as they enter the facility or clinic

Locations: Commerce Towers Clinic, Medical Imaging, Intensive Care Unit, Med/Surg Unit, and Day Surgery

  • Help patients in need reach their destination

Location: Home Health Care (KSB Hospital) or remote options available

  • These calls help our home-bound patients feel cared for, have a friendly voice to talk to, and provide peace of mind for family members who cannot visit or call their loved ones regularly.

Location: Print Shop (Commerce Towers)

  • Help print shop staff with sorting mail
  • Newspaper deliveries
  • Light office duties
  • Store room runner
  • Special projects

Location: KSB Hospital Cafeteria

  • Help our cafeteria staff with distributing and picking-up menus

Location: KSB Hospital

  • Help staff with scanning
  • Employee birthday cards
  • Assemble orientation packets
  • Assist with mailing projects
  • Write congratulatory cards for chronic care patients
  • Stuff admission folders/packets
  • Scanning records
  • Filing
  • Quality checks
  • Boxing up of records
  • Pick-up and disposal of recycling and shredding bins

Location: Commerce Towers

  • Restocking of houskeeping items
  • Delivering linens to clinics

Locations (may vary): Town Square Centre, Oregon Clinic, Pediatrics Center

  • Greeter
  • Stuffing envelopes
  • Scanning
  • Disposal of shred bins
  • Reminder calls
  • Adding medical record numbers to charts

Location: KSB Hospital

  • Assist with answering phones and taking messages
  • Restocking clean utility and kitchenette
  • Patient companionship
  • Office work
  • Transporting patients to radiology or surgery

Location: KSB Hospital

  • Organize waiting rooms
  • Stuff envelopes
  • Patient transport

Location: Commerce Towers

  • Organize waiting room
  • Stuff envelopes
  • Transport instruments to sterile processing

Location: KSB Hospital

  • Wheelchair inventory and returning to entrances
  • Landscaping and mowing

Location: KSB Hospital

  • Prescription runners
  • Office work

Location: KSB Hospital

  • Removing stickers from equipment
  • Transporting patients
  • Escorting family to recovery room