New Location - Patient Advocate Department

The Patient Advocate Department offices are now located at KSB Hospital - 1st Floor

warning KSB Welcomes Back Visitors

We have recently updated our visitor policy to allow patients to bring one visitor with them for most appointments and during inpatient stays. With the safety of our patients and team in mind, we will continue to monitor and adjust these policies as needed.


All COVID-19 testing at KSB will take place at the Town Square Centre Lab between 9 am – 2 pm. Appointments are required by contacting your KSB Provider's Office or calling 1 (800) DOCTORS.

1 (800) DOCTORS

favorite Volunteering at KSB

KSB Hospital is known by the motto “It’s The People,” and when it comes to our volunteers, this is no exception.

Many individuals find that volunteering at KSB Hospital offers an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life and experience the joy of reaching out to others. Our volunteers come from all walks of life, but there is one thing that each of them share, and that is the pride they have in being an integral part of KSB.

We currently have more than 100 active volunteers in a variety of areas throughout our organization who assist our patients, staff, and visitors. We spend a lot of time making sure our volunteers understand what we’re all about and that they are comfortable when placed in a volunteer position.

As a volunteer, you put in only as much time as you can spare. Some volunteers work one or two times a week; others work once or twice a month. We will work with you as much as possible to coordinate the time and department in which you hope to volunteer.

Become a KSB Volunteer

Join us in our continued efforts to ensure each patient has an outstanding experience at KSB, by completing the application below.

Volunteer Application (Printable)

Volunteer Application (Online)

If you choose to complete the printable version, please contact Andrea Cook, at (815) 285-5525 or email acook@ksbhospital.com. An appointment will be scheduled to match your time, talent and availability.

Volunteering Requirements

Volunteering is open to those 14 years of age and older. All volunteers will be asked to make a minimum 3-month commitment to KSB Hospital and are required to obtain a variety of mandatory immunizations and a flu vaccination before beginning to volunteer within our organization.

In lieu of a flu vaccination, you may sign a medical release declination/religious exempt form. Confidentiality and ethical behavior are of the utmost importance at KSB Hospital, all volunteers are required to sign our HIPAA Confidentiality Agreement, Commitment to Compliance, and Standards of Behavior forms.

KSB Auxiliary Board of Directors