Temporary Visitor Restriction

Due to the high levels of the pertussis/whooping cough illness occuring in our community, KSB Hospital has issued a TEMPORARY VISITOR RESTRICTION until further notice. 

favorite Women in Philanthropy

Women in Philanthropy is a charitable organization that unites women who are committed to making an impact on Katherine Shaw Bethea’s effort in providing quality healthcare in the Sauk Valley area. With an emphasis on the unique needs of women’s lives and encouraging women as philanthropic leaders, Women in Philanthropy unites contributions in support of KSB Hospital through a collective voice.


The most important benefit of being a member of the Women in Philanthropy organization is the gratification of knowing that you are a part of a collaborative and empowered group that is working towards enhancing the lives of women. With equal voices, group members have a direct impact on what programs contributions will benefit.

Criteria for Membership

Women in Philanthropy membership is open to all who wish to support the work and mission of KSB Hospital and requires an annual commitment of $500 per year. Matching contributions from corporate employers count towards the annual membership fee.

As a member of Women in Philanthropy, you will be invited to attend meetings and events in support of the group. Thought attendance is encouraged, it is not required.

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