To protect our patients, families, and health care workers during the global outbreak of COVID-19, KSB currently has visitor restrictions in place which vary by department.


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Telehealth – 24/7 Urgent Care

with Aaqil Khan

5 Nutrition Tips To Start The Year Off Right

with Krista Loos, RD

Mindful Eating Tips

with Krista Loos, RD

My Final Wish:  A Virtual Seminar on Advanced Directives

with Tom Gehlbach, MD and Julie Ammon, BSW

Heel Pain:  Causes & Treatments

with Dr. Kyle Swanson

Cooking with Your Senses

with KSB Dietary

Find your PATH 2 Purpose: Dealing with Stress and Negative Emotions More Effectively

with Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Tyler Stull

Peripheral Neuropathy

with Dr. Kyle Swanson

Accessing Medicare

with Patient Navigator, Jason Brusky, RN

Caregiver Support Group: Tubes & Drains

with KSB Home Health

COVID-19: Understanding the Negative Impacts and Creating a New Normal

with Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Helen Woodrum

Meet the KSB Mammography Team

What You Need to Know About Breast Cancer

with Oncologist, Dr. Zhang

How to Prevent Loss of Strenth

with Physical Therapists, Mike Sarno and Sean Miller

Understanding Medicare

with Patient Navigator, Jason Brusky, RN


Hearing and Balance: Working Together

with Dr. Lydia Sitter and Physical Therapist, Lori Jarrett


Lung Cancer: The Benefits of Screening and Future Direction

with Pulmonologist, Dr. Thomas Gehlbach


Home Remedies for Neck Pain

with Physical Therapist, Skyla Strum


Prostate Health

with Urological Surgeon, Dr. Eric Simpson


Suicide Awareness: Stop the Stigma and Start a Conversation

with Valerie Roberts, Wendy Sofolo and Laura Sawlsville

Click here to view the Suicide Awareness PowerPoint and Brain Health Resources sheet.


What Else Does an Oncologist Do?

with Oncologist, Dr. Wenqing Zhang


Caregiver Support Group – August: Infection Prevention

with Infection Preventionist, Heather Smith


Treating Common Allergies

with Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist, Dr. Sherwin Ritz


Cancer Care 101

with Oncologist, Dr. Madhuri Bajaj


Overcoming Uncertainty, Fear, and Despair

with KSB social workers, Julie Ammon and Jessi West


For a Clearer 20/20: Tips for Healthy Sight

with the Optometrists of the KSB Lawless Eye & Vision Center


Why We Need Resilience Now More Than Ever

with Drs. Wendy Sofolo and Kelly Flanagan