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The current COVID-19 transmission level is HIGH IN LEE COUNTY

The current COVID-19 transmission level is HIGH IN LEE COUNTY

Patients, visitors and employees are asked to wear their mask while inside our Lee County facilities.

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Crockpot Meals

Jade Ullrich, RD

Farm Family Resource Initiative

Karen Stallman, SIU School of Medicine

Common Mistakes Made in Wound Management

Stephanie Berlin, APRN

What Is A Low Dose CT Scan?

Cindy Arduini & Bekah Fenwick

Diabetes and Your Feet

Dr. Kyle Swanson

Holiday Eating Ideas

Jade Ullrich, RD

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Laura See and Alicia Cole, YWCA

Brain Health: Depression

Maribeth Boonstra

Fall Seasonal Produce

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Improving Women’s Pelvic Health Fitness

Marissa Harris, PT

Cancer Resources

Claire Bianco, Home of Hope

Pain Awareness

Dr. Azhar Kothawala

Understanding Grief

Julie Kirchhoff

Project Open: Successes & Lessons Learned

Aaqil Khan

All About Sodium

Jade Ullrich, RD

Immunizations: An Update on Flu Vaccinations

Luke Herbert, PharmD & Gabe Billiet, PharmD

Keep Your Feet Healthy During Fall Activities: Injuries and Prevention

Dr. Kyle Swanson

All About Saturated Fats

Jade Ullrich, RD

What Are My Options for Dry Eyes?

Dr. Peter Popovich

Brain Health: The Benefits of Yoga

Krystal Friese

Chronic Lung Conditions

Lindsey Urish, RRT & Pamela Crawford, CRT

Men’s Health

Dr. John Plescia

All About Added Sugars

Jade Ullrich, RD

Resources for Alzheimer’s Disease

Joseph Landmichl

Summer Activities and Foot Health

Dr. Kyle Swanson

Allergies, They’re Nothing to Sneeze At!

Dr. Lori Cudone

Label Reading Basics

Jade Ullrich, RD

What’s New in Hearing Aid Technology

Dr. Lydia Sitter

Misdiagnosed or Missed Diagnosis: Social Media & Self-Diagnosing Mental Health Disorders

Jessi West, MSW, LCSW

How To Include More Fruits and Vegetables In Your Diet

Jade Ullrich, RD

Aging in Place

Lisa Lindquist, COTA/L

Demystifying Autism

Dr. Beth Cunningham and Dr. Emily Padgett

What You Should Know About a Good Autism Evaluation

Dr. Kelly Flanagan and Dr. Laura Gumbiner

What is an Otolaryngologist?

Dr. Lori Cudone

Touring the KSB Sleep Lab

Jennifer Pillars

Brain Health:  Take Care of Your Brain

Karla Belzer, University of Illinois Extension

Tips and Exercises to Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Wrist Pain

Monica Druen, OTR/L

How Diabetes Can Affect the Heart

Julie DeRoush, RD

Wound Care: Licking Your Wounds is not a Treatment Plan

Dr. Brandon Gumbiner

Heart Month: Having a Healthy Heart

Michelle Barrett, FHP

Brain Health: Gratitude

Kelsey Reuter, LCSW

Healthy Tips for 2022

Dr. John Plescia & Aaron Fox

Blood Donor Month: Giving the Gift of Life

Karen Nelson & Janet Jarvis

Brain Health: Medication Assisted Treatment

Aaqil Khan

Baking with Whole Grains

Krista Loos, RD

Preventative Screenings: Lung Cancer

Dr. Thomas Gehlbach