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Celebrating Extraordinary Nurses: The DAISY Award

The DAISY Award is a prestigious recognition program that celebrates the remarkable contributions of nurses throughout healthcare. Named after J. Patrick Barnes, who tragically passed away at the age of 33 due to an autoimmune disease, this award serves as a heartfelt tribute to the compassionate care provided by nurses worldwide.

Veronica Jones, a dedicated nurse in the KSB Center for Wound Healing, exemplifies the spirit of the DAISY Award. She was recently recognized for her commitment to patient well-being at KSB’s Spring DAISY Award reception.

Veronic was nominated by a patient’s mother, who shared a touching story:

“Unfortunately, my 19-year-old son has a wound that needed special attention as it is in a very delicate and embarrassing area of his body. We met Veronica on the second day of our visit at the clinic. There was just something special about her that we all three just connected immediately. Veronica’s extra care, her compassion for her job, and her way of explaining wound care took our fear and anxiety away. Veronica loves her job, and it clearly shows her genuine passion for helping those in need. We recently had a weekend upon us, and Veronica sealed the wound vac site so well that it didn’t leak or have any issues!! This was huge for the healing of his wound!”

Veronica’s dedication, empathy, and skillful wound care have left an indelible mark on her patients and their families. Her genuine passion for nursing shines through, making her a deserving recipient of the Spring DAISY Award.

“Individualized care, compassion, and exceeding the needs of our patients; this is what we strive to offer every one of our patients here,” shared Adrienne Page, Program Director of the KSB Center for Wound Healing. “Veronica embodies that and so much more! Since the day I met her, I’ve been inspired by her kindness, spunkiness, and sweet heartedness.”

As we celebrate Veronica’s impact, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to all of our KSB nurses who embody the DAISY spirit, touching lives with compassion and healing hands.