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Congratulations KSB Scholarship Recipients

Healthcare scholarships play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the medical field. As the demand for skilled healthcare professionals continues to rise, KSB recognizes the need to invest in education and encourage students to pursue careers in healthcare.

Open to all hospital employees and students enrolled in health-related programs, KSB’s scholarship applicants are reviewed by a committee comprised of hospital personnel and board members.

We are pleased to announce the following recipients:

  • Lilian Searing – Ashton-Franklin Center High School
  • Elly Jones – Amboy High School
  • Maeve Larson – Amboy High School
  • Emily Smith – Dixon High School
  • Katie Drew – Dixon High School
  • Alyssa Leary – Oregon High School
  • Kenna Wubbena – Oregon High School
  • Leo Cardenas – Oregon High School
  • Elizabeth Rude – Sterling Newman Central Catholic High School
  • Hilary Thomas – Agnes Florence Memorial Scholarship
  • Maggie Weber – Agnes Florence Memorial Scholarship
  • Nataly Jones – Sarah E. Richards, R.N. Memorial Scholarship

These bright individuals exemplify dedication to healthcare and promise a brighter future for our communities. Congratulations to this year’s recipients on their pursuits in the healthcare field!