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KSB Offering New Technology for Ear, Nose, and Throat Patients

KSB recently acquired new technology that has quickly shown promising results for Ear, Nose, and Throat providers, patients, and their families. The Olympus Video Rhino-Laryngo Videoscope and Tower is a high-definition imaging system that allows the medical team and patient to view inside the ear, nose and throat.

A flexible endoscope with a small outer diameter shows real-time images and video and can record, share, and view images and videos remotely. Saved images and video allow quicker and even simultaneous consultation between specialists. This reduces the need for rescheduling more endoscopic exams, saving patients precious time.

“We are thrilled to offer this to our patients at KSB,” says Misty Buskohl, KSB ENT Nurse Practitioner. “We can capture real-time imaging and show our patients what we found. We can also compare current findings to previous findings to see if treatments are working.”

Other key benefits include:

  • Outstanding image quality with minimal discomfort and risk.
  • The small scope size works on patients from newborn babies to adults.
  • Images are stored for easy sharing with referring physicians and colleagues.
  • Real-time collaboration for consultations, expediting patient care.
  • Greater control during exams, maximizing diagnostic outcomes.

The scope is flexible enough to examine nearly every patient with little or no anesthesia. When anesthesia is needed, it’s a short spray with no shots and no sedation.

When a patient has a problem inside their ear, nasal cavity, or throat that traditionally only the provider can see, accepting a diagnosis or treatment plan can sometimes be challenging. This new technology helps make patient exams more meaningful.

“When patients and family can see exactly what we are seeing, the treatment plan becomes more personal and collaborative between patients and providers,” says Dr. Fazlur Zahurullah, KSB ENT Specialist. “Patients can choose to view with their families and then share in the decision-making.”

Additionally, providers can thoroughly examine the throat of patients with known cancers to check for recurrence. This helps identify if a patient may need more treatment and gives a patient with no sign of cancer some good news.

ENT providers are seeing benefits every day. Recently, a patient found reassurance that there wasn’t an actual mass after suspecting there was one. The patient said, “I know you said it is a deviated septum, but how do I know it is not a tumor?” Pointing to the location, the provider could show in real-time that there was no mass in the nose, resulting in a very relieved and thankful patient.

KSB offers the latest technology and services to treat disorders of the ear, nose, throat and related structures of the head and neck. For more information or to set up an appointment, call 815.285.5603.