To protect our patients, families, and health care workers during the global outbreak of COVID-19, KSB currently has visitor restrictions in place which vary by department.


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favorite Visitor Restrictions

To protect our patients, families and health care workers during the global outbreak of COVID-19, KSB has implemented a temporary no visitor policy.

KSB Clinics

  • Exceptions:
    • Expectant mothers are allowed one visitor (Must be pre-approved by the provider.)
    • Children 17 and younger can be accompanied by one or both parents/guardians.
    • Patients that need mental, behavioral, or  physical support are allowed one visitor (Must be pre-approved by the provider.)
  • Visitor Rules
    • Visitor must always stay with the patient during their time in the clinic.

KSB Emergency Department

  • Exceptions:
    • Children 18 years and under are allowed two parents/guardians, who must always remain with the patient during their entire ED visit.
    • Individuals 18 years and older may have up to one visitor during their ED visit who must remain with the patient.
  • Visitor Rules:
    • Visitors must remain in the patient room and must sanitize their hands prior to coming back with the patient into the ED.
    • Visitors must also wear a procedure mask provided by ED Registration staff in order to remain in the room.
    • If patients have multiple family/friends with them, the ED will only allow one visitor back with them and will request that other visitors return home or remain in their heated vehicles.

KSB Birth Place

  • Exceptions:
    • Laboring mothers are allowed one support person.
  • Visitor Rules:
    • The support person must remain in the room throughout the entire stay.

KSB Day Surgery

  • Exceptions:
    • Patients undergoing an outpatient procedure in KSB’s Day Surgery department are allowed one visitor.

Visitor Requirements:

  • All visitors must be screened for COVID-19 and have his/her temperature taken before entering the building and escorting the patient to their visit.
  • If a visitor leaves the building, he or she will not be allowed back in and will be asked to remain in the heated/air-conditioned car.

Lovett Center Temporarily Closed

Beginning on Tuesday, November 17th, the KSB Lovett Center will be closing to the public in an effort to help keep our community and our employees safe.

Community members will have alternative options for bill payment through the Lovett drive-up window (M-F from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm), as well as online bill pay.

Those needing medical records can either call (815) 285-5925 and have records faxed to them or can utilize the KSB Patient Portal.