To protect our patients, families, and health care workers during the global outbreak of COVID-19, KSB currently has visitor restrictions in place which vary by department.


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You’ve been missed.

We are open and ready to give you the care you need when you need it. 

KSB understands you might have concerns about coming to our facilities for the necessary medical care you need.  But because of you and the community’s vigilance, we have seen a very low number of Coronavirus patients.

We want you to rest assured that KSB is open and our facilities are safe, just as they have been since 1897. It’s important to seek care for chronic conditions or any symptoms you might be experiencing. Putting your health issues on hold make some conditions harder to treat or they could become more damaging in the long run.

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Open and Safe

Here is what you can expect when you walk through the doors of KSB as well as the KSB Medical Group clinics.

  • All staff will be wearing masks and personal protective equipment at all times.
  • Temperatures will be taken and screening questions specific to COVID-19 will be asked upon arrival.
  • Waiting rooms are arranged to allow for social distancing. No one sits closer than 6 feet apart unless they are in the same family.
  • Frequent cleaning is done in all waiting areas, hallways and other heavy-use areas. Treatment and exam rooms are cleaned after each patient.
  • Our telemedicine visits are evaluated daily to determine whether patients need to be seen in person or online.

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Please know that our team is here for you. Our facilities are clean, safe, and open. To schedule an appointment today complete and submit the form below.

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