New Locations - Release of Medical Records & Bill Payment

Please utilize our new walk-in or drive-thru window at 102 S. Galena Avenue for release of medical records. Bill payments are accepted by our Patient Advocate Department at KSB Hospital.

warning KSB Welcomes Back Visitors

We have recently updated our visitor policy to allow patients to bring one visitor with them for most appointments and during inpatient stays. With the safety of our patients and team in mind, we will continue to monitor and adjust these policies as needed.


All COVID-19 testing at KSB will take place at the Town Square Centre Lab between 9 am – 2 pm. Appointments are required by contacting your KSB Provider's Office. If you don’t have a primary care provider call 1 (800) DOCTORS.

1 (800) DOCTORS

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Wound Care Patient Shares “Miracle” Recovery Story

When Debbie first came to the KSB Center for Wound Healing back in April of 2021, she had a very serious foot wound. So serious in fact, that in an emotional conversation, Dr. Brandon Gumbiner explained to her that it could be cause for amputation.

With tendons and bones exposed, Debbie was started on a treatment regimen of antibiotics paired with a Wound Vacuum Assisted Closure (VAC) to see if they could save her foot. When her wound showed little signs of healing, her wound care team decided that Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment could be the answer. Thirty sessions and sixty hours of HBO treatment later, Debbie excitedly shared that she has “graduated to just a band-aid now.”

She credits the Wound Care Center staff for both their thoughtfulness and thoroughness throughout the months she’s spent with them. “Dr. Gumbiner has been a wonderful ringmaster,” Debbie shared. “He’s always been so good to me and I can’t believe I’ve lived through this miracle.” Now with both feet on the ground, Debbie is looking forward to her regained independence and lifting some of the physical and emotional burden that her condition has put on her fiancé, Marty.

For more information about the KSB Center for Wound Healing, call 815-285-5814.

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