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The current COVID-19 transmission level is BELOW HIGH IN LEE AND OGLE COUNTIES.

The current COVID-19 transmission level is BELOW HIGH IN LEE AND OGLE COUNTIES.

For patients, visitors, and employees with no symptoms of COVID-19, masks are optional in our facilities.

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Warm Wishes to Ann Lorenz Upon Her Retirement

After nearly 19 years, Ann is looking forward to a new life season as she retires this month. At the top of her list is waking up later, traveling, taking classes, volunteering, and helping with her daughter’s wedding this spring.

Ann returned to her Dixon hometown to marry and raise her two children after living in several large cities. Enjoying small-town life, she likes having her family close, running into friends at the grocery store, and enduring friendships.

Ann recalls attending her cousin’s nursing school graduation when she was young. Seeing her in a white, starchy uniform convinced her to become a nurse one day. After nursing school and five years in the field, Ann began to rethink her career. A rotation through the radiology department reignited her passion, leading her to study radiology at Sauk Valley College.

“That was the best career decision I ever made,” says Lorenz. “Mammography became my passion. For eight years, I have been the Lead Mammography Tech, a role that gave me experience in leadership, including ACR and IEMA inspections and much indigestion! The best part of my job was having co-workers who were also passionate about working in women’s health care. As a team, we all worked together to find breast cancer early and save lives.”

Ann’s greatest joy came in 2016 when a large pink ribbon was erected in KSB’s circle drive. She had always dreamed of having a larger-than-life reminder for women to get their annual exams. Her dream came true with the generosity of Brian Bellini, his crew, and financial help from KSB.

“I’m going to miss my co-workers and patients the most,” adds Lorenz. “We’ve held our patient’s hands, given hugs, prayed for negative biopsy results, and cried with them upon hearing a cancer diagnosis. These are precious memories I take with me as a retire.”

You may still see Ann from time to time, as she has elected to stay PRN in the mammography department. “Ann is a natural leader and very dependable,” says Ann’s manager, Lori Baratta. “She is extremely friendly to everyone she meets, and the patients love her because of her amazing conversation skills that put them at ease.”