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“Oh, the Changes I’ve Seen!” Rosemary Castle Retires After Decades at KSB

Rosemary has worked in numerous KSB departments and witnessed many changes. Her first job out of Sauk Valley College in 1973 was at Heritage Square, followed by the Medical Arts Clinic, working in pediatrics and later in family practice. In 1993, she joined Dr. David Powers in general surgery and has been part of his team for 30 years.

“I’ve just loved getting to know our patients,” says Castle. “In small communities, you become like family.

Rosemary recalls what prompted her desire to care for others: her grandmother’s white nursing uniform hanging up with a pin watch. “I’m one of the oldest of a family of 11,” adds Castle. “We always had to take care of our siblings, so when my counselor at Dixon High School suggested I pursue nursing, I did! Since Sauk Valley College jumpstarted my career, I opened a scholarship fund in honor of Father Donald Castle, my husband’s twin brother.”

Healthcare has undergone many changes since Rosemary began her career, and she’s seen much growth. She recalls when the bedpan went from stainless steel to plastic; nursing uniforms went from all white to colored tops; paper charts at the foot of the bed to computer charts, and more. “We used to give patients back rubs back in the day, and some were very adamant about getting theirs before bed,” recalls Castle. “I remember Melvin Murphy having a vision about building a “bridge” between the hospital and the clinic. I was among the first to walk over that bridge and saw his dream become a reality.”

In Rosemary’s grandmother’s era, pneumonia, pertussis, polio, and scarlet fever were of great concern, with penicillin being a new treatment. “In my era, tuberculosis was a considerable issue early in my career, later HIV and COVID-19.”

Joining Dr. Power’s team became Rosemary’s home away from home. “In the early days, we never questioned the doctor; now we feel more like a team and partner in the patient’s care,” says Castle. “Our team has been like family; we’ve laughed and cried together through the years. And I’ve loved getting to know our patients.  In small communities, you become like family.”

We’ve got the best employees at KSB, and I’ve been privileged to work with them. Dr. Powers, thanks for the memories!”

Rosemary is looking forward to spending time with family, traveling, and continuing to volunteer. “My kids gave me a cup that says I’m under new management with my grandkids now,” says Castle. “While I always looked forward to Monday morning at work, now I can get to know my neighbors!”

“Rosemary has been an incredible nurse and has commented how much she loves her job,” says Director of Specialty Care Clinics, Kim Hudson. “Working with someone like her has been an incredible pleasure!”