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Rhonda Drew Honored as Spring DAISY Award Winner

When OB Director Sarah Bivins was reading through the anonymous DAISY Nominations, she came to one and immediately knew which nurse the nomination was about. “Rhonda and I have spent our whole career together, and I wasn’t surprised by her nomination because that’s how she treats every one of her patients. She’s always willing to help no matter what, that’s how she’s always been.”

KSB’s ten nominees were honored at Basil Tree Ristorante on Friday, May 12th as part of the Spring DAISY celebration. Rhonda was the award recipient and met with a large round of applause from attendees. One of Rhonda’s patients nominated her for the award and wrote,

“In late October, I found out I had uterine cancer. Fortunately, it was grade 1, and caught early. Rhonda was the one who called since Dr. Doyle was out of the office for a family situation. She was professional, kind, patient, and informative with the life-changing news.

That same day, Rhonda called the recommended oncologists and got me an appointment four days later about two hours from my home. Following the initial oncologist appointment, I was completely overwhelmed with an extensive list of instructions that needed to be completed before my November 15th hysterectomy, including scheduling a CAT scan, blood work, urine test, and an EKG here locally.

I called Rhonda from the car nearly in tears. By the time I got back to Polo, she had completed all the orders. I also heard from KSB that night to schedule my CAT scan… for the next morning! Tuesday, I spent three hours getting all the testing done. Rhonda walked me through it all.

Then, she followed up, faxed everything to the oncologist, told me to double-check with them as soon as possible. On Thursday when I did, two pieces of info were still missing. There was one more call to Rhonda; she had everything taken care of in under 24 hours.

When I went to thank Rhonda on Friday for her care, promptness, thoroughness, and kindness, she simply said “you don’t have to do that. It’s my job,” I told her that I have received a lot of medical care from dozens of medical professionals, and she was by far the best one who ever cared for me.”

Rhonda is known throughout her department and the hospital as someone who just makes things happen. Whether a patient needs a little extra TLC, or is struggling to make ends meet and can’t afford baby clothes or a car seat, Rhonda does everything she can to support them.

Rhonda is “team patient,” not just KSB or KSB OB,” shared Chief Nursing Officer Linda Clemen.  “During COVID, she would volunteer to help in any way she could; even if she had never worked in an area, Rhonda always did whatever she could to help get the job done with positive energy and a smile.”

Congratulations Rhonda, on this very well-deserved award!