Temporary Visitor Restriction

Due to the high levels of the influenza illness occuring in our community, KSB Hospital has issued a TEMPORARY VISITOR RESTRICTION until further notice. 

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Pertussis Screenings Available

UPDATE 12/13/2019

Due to the proactive approach by KSB, there has been a decreased number of positive cases of Pertussis in the area. Therefore, the pertussis clinic located in the Town Square Centre lab has been concluded and those seeing symptoms of the illness are encouraged to visit their family doctor.


In an effort to help with the pertussis outbreak in Lee and Ogle County, KSB is also being proactive in helping the residents and families of the communities we serve by offering a pertussis screening clinic for those who are 5 and over.  It will be located at the Town Square Centre Lab, Monday through Friday from 6 am to 5 pm and Saturdays from 8 am to Noon. Insurance information can be submitted for payment.  Payment is not required at time of service.

“Pertussis can be a very dangerous disease for children in their first year of life, pregnant women and those who are immunocompromised or have chronic lung disease like COPD,” stated Chief Medical Officer, Pratip Nag, MD.   “If you have been coughing or having coughing fits for approximately a week, you may have pertussis and will want to take advantage of this screening.  We put together this effort to actively screen anyone with a cough in our schools and community so that we can treat them and their household members.  By doing this, we can put a stop to this life-threatening outbreak in our community.”

Parking Note: Please park in Lot #2, located just off of Second Street to access the KSB Town Square Centre Lab.