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Peek-A-Boo: We’ll See You!

By Optometrist, Dr. Emily Richardson

We all love watching our babies reach their growth milestones, such as smiling, rolling over, sitting up and crawling. Similar to these skills, our vision also develops rapidly in the first year of life and unlike the physical milestones, vision problems in infants are often not noticeable; even to an observant parent.

Vision plays an instrumental role in development by promoting curiosity, aiding in coordination, and developing motor and social skills.  If a child has a vision problem, such as high glasses prescription, congenital cataract or a problem with eye alignment, it can cause them to have difficulty learning and socializing, which are very important in early childhood development.

InfantSee is a public health program managed by Optometry Cares and the American Optometric Academy and is “designed to ensure that eye and vision becomes an essential part of infant wellness care to improve a child’s quality of life” according to their mission statement.  To do that, they allow participating optometrists to provide a complimentary eye exam to infants age 6 months to 12 months to ensure there aren’t any risk factors or signs of detrimental vision problem that could stunt their visual development.

At the Lawless Eye and Vision Center, we can do many things to evaluate an infant’s eyes without needing their feedback.  We check their vision and prescription, eye muscles and coordination, side vision awareness and make sure they are healthy inside and out.  Myself and the other eyecare providers at KSB Lawless Eye and Vision participate in this program and enjoy caring for these adorable new patients.

Best of all we get an early start on providing eyecare to your beloved children, and will continue to care for them throughout all stages of their lives. For more information on this program, ask your child’s pediatrician or call us at the Lawless Eye and Vision Center at 815-284-2020.