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Pam Mohr Honored by Governor Pritzker as an Unsung Healthcare Hero 

Pam Mohr, KSB’S housekeeping lead, had a big surprise Wednesday afternoon while surrounded by her work peers in KSB’s private dining room. Her friends had to point out her name shown behind Gov. J.B. Pritzker as he was about to honor the unsung heroes on the front lines of COVID-19 during his daily press briefing. 

The governor recognized the work of five healthcare workers from across the state. This honor reminds people it’s not just nurses and doctors that are essential during the current COVID-19 crisis. 

“Pam tirelessly leads her staff through the task of cleaning COVID-19 occupied rooms from the emergency department to the operating room, making sure everyone has the proper PPE and making it possible for the next patient to use that room safely,” Pritzker said. “And remember, often these housekeepers are going into rooms when the patient is still in them, meaning that they’re one of the limited faces that the patient might have contact with while actively battling COVID-19.” 

Jamey Postlewaite, KSB director of housekeeping, nominated Mohr as an unsung hero, the fact of which left her entirely in the dark. 

“I was shocked when I saw my name and heard the Governor’s words today,” Mohr said. 

Postlewaite made the nomination based on Mohr’s consistent overall top-notch performance at KSB. “She has a calm demeanor. It is extremely rare for her to get riled up–which is good in a hospital. Pam tirelessly leads her staff on the hazardous journey of daily cleaning of COVID rooms. She helps all the staff with their PPE requirements and never shows negative emotion to our public and the other KSB staff,” he remarked. 

Mohr has been with the KSB housekeeping department for 13 years, and her fellow staffers are thrilled about the honor she has received.  

“This award is well-deserved. Pam deserves the recognition,” commented Julie Johnson, housekeeping staff. Judy added, “Pam’s very dedicated. She never complains and she holds our department up every day.”

To see the press conference and hear Pam’s recognition, tune in to the 2:45 mark in the video below: