Temporary Visitor Restriction

Due to the high levels of the influenza illness occuring in our community, KSB Hospital has issued a TEMPORARY VISITOR RESTRICTION until further notice. 

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New Low-Dose CT Lung Screening Offered at KSB

Did you know that Lung Cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the US?  In accordance with the mission to “restore, maintain, and enhance health by providing superior care now and in the future”, KSB is launching a Screening Program for the early detection of Lung Cancer beginning July 8, 2019.

The Low Dose CT Lung Screening test is a special CT Scan of the chest that uses extremely low doses of radiation, yet still detects the smallest of nodules in the lungs.  Recognized by the US Preventive Services Task Force, this test has proven to detect lung cancer at the earliest, most treatable stages for patients who meet the following specific criteria:

  • Are between the ages of 55 to 77
  • Have smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for 30 years or two packs a day for 15 years
  • Currently smoke or have quit within the last 15 years
  • Have no symptoms or history of lung cancer

This annual test requires an order or referral from a health care provider, and is covered by most insurances (as long as the criteria is met).  The test takes about 10-15 minutes, and does not require any preparation—no fasting, medications, or injections.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, talk to your health care provider or call KSB Referral line at 1-800-DOCTORS.