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Meet Dominic Martinez, the Only Certified Stroke Rehab Specialist in the Sauk Valley Area

Patient stories, like Scott Fattizzi’s recent stroke recovery, are a testament to the expertise of the KSB rehabilitation team. Thanks to Dominic Martinez and the entire team, Scott is back to work today.

“I find it most fulfilling to guide patients through medical hardships and help them return to their prior level of function,” says Martinez. “Learning each patient’s ‘why’ is the most important aspect of my job. Returning each patient to their highest functional capability and knowing they are happy with their new function is very important to me.”

Dominic is originally from New Mexico. After graduating from Midwestern University in Glendale, Arizona, with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2021, he and his wife (a Podiatrist) moved to Illinois. They are both currently in residency at KSB Hospital.

As a PT student, his rotations included outpatient PT, inpatient rehabilitation hospitals, and inpatient PT focusing on neurological rehabilitation. “During my time at Barrow’s Neurological Institute in Phoenix, I found my passion for working with neurological patients,” says Martinez. “In 2019, my brother suffered a traumatic brain injury when a drunk driver hit his car. Sadly, he passed due to his injuries. However, this solidified my desire to focus on neurological-based PT to provide passionate and comprehensive care to these patients. We love providing care to patients within the Sauk Valley.”

As a CSRS-credentialed therapist, Dominic specializes in functional stroke-based neural recovery to improve a patient’s overall quality of life and physical and cognitive function. KSB is currently the only facility to offer a CSRS specialist within the Sauk Valley area and outside the greater Chicago, Rockford, and Quad City areas.

In addition, Dominic also holds LSVT BIG and Vestibular Rehabilitation Certifications. LSVT BIG treatment is customized to each person’s specific needs, including specialized exercise intervention to improve optimal gait, posture, and functional modulation of movement. Vestibular rehab training further helps Dominic provide appropriate care for neurological patients.

This summer, Dominic plans to apply for the Neurological Specialist Certification Program, a Board Specialization established to develop greater knowledge and skill related to neurologic clinical practice.