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Kyle Swanson, MD, Earns American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery Certification

At a young age, Dr. Swanson knew he wanted to work in the medical field, specifically in a specialty area. He was introduced to podiatry throughout his basketball career and guidance from his undergraduate advisor. “After researching and shadowing podiatrists, I saw the variety of care podiatry provided within the clinic, surgery, wound care, sports medicine, and treating patients of all ages,” says Dr. Swanson. “This really interested me, so I began working towards being accepted into podiatry school.”

Dr. Swanson recently earned ABFAS board certification in foot and ankle surgery after seven years with KSB (including residency). Board Certification involves passing didactic exams to become board-qualified and performing foot and ankle surgical cases to begin certification. The American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery committee randomly selects surgical cases to review. Once chosen, surgeries are reviewed, and when passed, board certification is awarded.

“Dr. Swanson’s achievement is a huge accomplishment,” says Dr. Brandon Gumbiner, KSB Foot and Ankle Surgeon. “Statistically, only about 60% of podiatrists ever achieve ABFAS board certification in foot and ankle surgery. Dr. Swanson joined our department straight out of residency and has been an incredible addition and built practices in Rochelle and Oregon, expanding our reach and ability to care for our communities. His reputation is beyond reproach, and he is one of the best physicians/surgeons I have known. When my dad needed foot surgery, he came up here from Florida to have Dr. Swanson work on him. I am so proud to have Dr. Swanson as a partner in this practice and as a friend.”

Board certification benefits Dr. Swanson’s surgical experience and knowledge in various ways. As an attending physician, he’s been exposed to numerous foot and ankle pathology and gained the knowledge and surgical skills to become confident in treating patients with various conditions.

“I really enjoy taking what I have learned and teaching our residents to become the best podiatric surgeons they can be,” adds Dr. Swanson. “I also enjoy the sense of community at KSB. We know one another on a personal basis, and this carries over into giving our patients the best care possible.”