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KSB University: Sparking Interest in the Healthcare Field for Local High School Students

A one-day immersive class for Freshman and Sophomore students interested in healthcare was held on October 9 for the first time. With hopes to offer KSB University twice a year, the next class is planned for February 19th, 2024, with a waiting list of 14 students planning to attend.

Clinical educators in nursing, PT, and X-ray have worked hard to plan the event, working with the marketing team and other departments to ensure the event was a fun-filled, enjoyable experience for students. Physicians, RNs, RTs, X-ray Techs, IS, and EMS (Dixon City) were also actively involved. Administrative staff from SVCC, Whiteside Area Career Center, AHEC, and the KSB HR team attended to discuss avenues to pursue a career in healthcare.

“KSB University is a program whose vision started nearly a year ago,” says Director of Professional Practice and Development Hilary Thomas. “We aim to give interested students a sneak peek into the lives of frontline healthcare professionals and hope they will consider returning to their hometown and KSB Hospital if they pursue a healthcare-related profession.”

The focus? Heavy emphasis on hands-on experiences, including suturing, IV starts, IM injections, NG tube insertions, PT massage techniques, calculating and mixing medications, using the Lucas Device, advanced airways and ventilators, X-ray, and pathology. A fun OB baby relay race, escape room, laparoscopic surgery game, and an EMS ambulance tour were also experienced.

Participants reported that not only was their interest in healthcare sparked, but they would also recommend KSB University to their friends and be interested in volunteering to experience more in the healthcare environment.

“Thanks to all the clinical educators and employees who helped make this event successful,” adds Thomas. “It has been a pleasure watching this come to fruition, and I’m so proud of all the hard work and planning this team has done together!”