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KSB Center for Wound Healing Receives Excellence in Clinical Distinction and Patient Satisfaction Awards

Congratulations to the KSB Center for Wound Healing staff, the recipients of two biannual awards acknowledging superior wound healing rates and excellence in patient satisfaction.

The dual recipients of RestorixHealth’s Clinical Distinction and Patient Satisfaction Awards show that the Center for Wound Healing meets or exceeds national quality benchmarks and has demonstrated superior performance in overall patient satisfaction results. The awards recognize centers that have succeeded by meeting or exceeding 96% or higher patient safety goals and an above 90% healing rate.

High-quality patient care is always at the top of the list for all team members. The Center is recognized for its hard work and dedication, including clinicians with advanced training in wound care and a team of professionals optimizing patient care and offering the most advanced healing options for hard-to-heal wounds. As a manager, Adrienne oversees all working parts of the clinic, helps wherever needed, assists in patient care, sees new patient admissions, manages all of the quality and clinical benchmarks, and keeps staff updated and educated.

Since Adrienne Page, RN, has become Director, the Center has received both awards in the first and second half of 2022 and the Excellence in Patient Satisfaction Award in 2021.

“Our priority is to our patients,” says Page. “Much of what we do is focused on treating the whole patient, not just the wound. We are healing wounds faster and more efficiently because we focus on all factors contributing to proper wound healing.”

KSB’s Center for Wound Healing is dedicated to optimizing outcomes and preventing lower limb loss in patients with non-healing wounds, utilizing traditional and advanced therapies and techniques proven to reduce healing time and healing rates.