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Ida Johnson Honored with Volunteer of the Year Award

In 2016, KSB lost a dedicated member of our volunteer program, Nate Johnson. Nate was the true embodiment of what it means to serve the community, after being honorably discharged from the United States Army after World War II, Nate returned home and spent his career in education. Nate was not only a volunteer at KSB, but he was also a member and volunteer of the Bethel Evangelical Congregational Church in Dixon, the American Legion Post 12, and the Reagan home.

The Nate Johnson Volunteer of the Year award was created in order to celebrate and recognize the dedication, kindness, and passion that Nate had towards KSB and the community. This annual award recognizes a KSB Volunteer that follows in the caring footsteps of Nate, however this year, the Volunteer of the Year Award went to someone that walked alongside Nate, his wife, Ida Johnson.

Before Nate’s passing, he and Ida donated over 6,500 hours of their time to KSB. Ida has honored Nate’s legacy, continuing to volunteer at KSB, and has spent 8,300 hours of her time helping our organization. Over the years, Ida has been a greeter at information desk, and has volunteered in our dietary, pharmacy, and gift shop, just to name a few.

The individual who nominated Ida described her as someone who is always willing and ready to help.  She is always here through rain or snow and is someone KSB can always depend on.

Join KSB in honoring and thanking Ida for her dedication and commitment to KSB.