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Department Spotlight: KSB Communications

Not many departments can say that they help over 20,000 people per month, but between patients and employees, the KSB Communications Department fields about 600 phone calls a day and helps callers reach providers’ offices, central scheduling, or the COVID Hotline team, just to name a few.

Communications Supervisor, Michele Cook, shared that Switchboard Operators sometimes get some very interesting calls. One has always stuck with her, “We had a woman call in years ago that was concerned about cooking her turkey because it had been sitting out for quite a while. She decided to call the hospital for advice on what she should do!”

In addition to answering phone calls, operators are also in charge of sending out pages to providers, which can sometimes total upwards of 200 a month. Monitoring KSB’s alarm system is also an important part of an operator’s role as it provides alerts if  fluctuations in temperature occur in KSB’s blood bank, surgery freezer, or the IS server room, which can all indicate serious issues. If any of these alarms go off, the operator alerts Plants Operations who can quickly assess the situation.

KSB’s switchboard operators are also responsible for calling any codes over the intercom system, should such an event occur and have the pleasure of playing a lullaby over the system each time a baby is born.

The KSB Physician Referral Line, 1-800-DOCTORS, is also a part of the Communications Department. Community members can call into the line where they speak with Referral Specialist, Melissa Rockwood, who helps connect them with a primary care provider so they can receive the care they need.