Medical Imaging

The KSB Hospital Medical Imaging Department is regularly recognized as an American College of Radiology (ACR) accredited facility by demonstrating its strong commitment to image quality and safety.

KSB Medical Imaging strives to provide the best patient care by practicing monthly audits on its own imaging equipment and ensuring its staff is fully educated with up-to-date procedures. All exam interpretations are performed by Rockford Radiology Associates, overseen by Dr. Cheryl Schwalm, MD.

The Medical Imaging Department offers Mammography, CAT Scan, MRI, General X-Ray, Nuclear Medicine, Bone Density Tests, and Ultrasound.

State-of-the-art, 3D Mammography is now offered through KSB Medical Imaging. The wide-angle images provided by the 3D Mammography machine allows physicians to more accurately target the size, shape and location of a tumor, if found. This leads to faster detection of breast cancer than 2D technologies.

In addition, MRI Breast Exams, Breast Biopsies, Arthrograms and a number of new procedures are offered through KSB’s partnership with Rockford Radiology Associates.

The Medical Imaging Department also offers services in the KSB Center for Health Services – Oregon Clinic and Amboy Clinic for patients outside the Dixon area, in addition to Town Square Centre and Commerce Towers clinics in Dixon. 


Do you have questions about an upcoming procedure? Browse the links below for exam information. 


Locations Offering this Service

KSB Center for Health Services – Amboy Clinic
305 E Joe Drive
Amboy, IL 61310
(815) 857-3044
Commerce Towers Clinic
215 E. First St.
Dixon, IL 61021
(815) 288-5531
Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital
403 East 1st Street
Dixon, IL 61021
(815) 288-5531
KSB Center for Health Services – Oregon Clinic
1307 W Washington St
Oregon, IL 61061
(815) 732-3151
Physicians Immediate Care/KSB
1672 South Galena Ave
Dixon, IL 61021

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