KSB is dedicated to providing the best patient care experience with the goal of delivering care that will restore and enhance your health. KSB’s Hospital Medicine program plays a key role in achieving that goal. We strive to always treat you with courtesy and respect – we listen carefully to you and explain things so that you will understand.

What is a Hospitalist?

The Hospital Medicine program at KSB Hospital consists of physicians who specialize in the medical care of inpatients while communicating with family physicians. An on-site Hospital Medicine physician, also called a Hospitalist, means that inpatients receive prompt, quality medical care without waiting for off-site physicians to visit or call. Many hospitals around the country are adopting Hospital Medicine programs in order to promote efficient inpatient care, reduce safety risks, and provide a better patient experience.

Why is a Hospitalist Caring for Me?

Many of KSB’s Primary Care Physicians have partnered with the hospital to participate in the Hospital Medicine program. Any care you require while hospitalized will be delivered to you by on of our Hospitalists. In the event of an emergency, KSB Hospitalists are close by and will respond quickly.

Benefits Provided by a Hospitalists:

  • A team consisting of Hospitalist, Quality Nurse, Hospital Medicine Coordinator, Pharmacist, Bedside Nurse Social Services and Utilization Review Nurse will visit the patient’s room for bedside rounding and highly involves patient and family members.
  • Rounding takes approximately 3 minutes and at this time, our experienced team will discuss the best treatment plan. The Hospitalist may visit with the patient prior and/or after team rounding for a medial visit and to answer any questions or concerns patients or family member may have.

Locations Offering this Service

Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital
403 East 1st Street
Dixon, IL 61021
(815) 288-5531

Doctors Specializing in this Service

Asad Jamal, MD
Asad Jamal, MD
Hospital Medicine
Stanislaw Rewerski, MD
Stanislaw Rewerski, MD
Hospital Medicine

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