warning KSB Welcomes Back Visitors

We have recently updated our visitor policy to allow patients to bring one visitor with them for most appointments and during inpatient stays. With the safety of our patients and team in mind, we will continue to monitor and adjust these policies as needed.


Call (815) 285-7777 to complete your assessment and schedule an appointment.

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Standard Charges

As a service to our patients, and in response to new federal regulation, standard charges for every service or supply available at and through KSB Hospital is listed in each of the two attachments below.

While these tables accurately represent standard charges, they do not represent the “total cost of care” for a patient’s course of treatment because a hospital stay or visit is typically made up of numerous line items, or standard charges, and more importantly, the actual charges to the patient are dependent on, not only the specific resources used to treat the patient, but also their specific insurance coverage and the terms of the plan.

View or download KSB’s complete Price List below:

Additional Charges

Note that some services may be provided in our hospital by other healthcare providers who may separately bill the patient and that provider may or may not participate with the same health insurers or health maintenance organizations as our hospital.

Searching for Common Charges

In order to more easily find specific charges that may be of interest to you, you can search each document by using their respective software tools.

View or download the searching tutorial below.

Additional Information

While these standard charge listings are helpful in determining line item charges, additional help is available from KSB resources to assist you in estimating or pricing health services.

  • For help in determining the typical cost of a surgical procedure or course of treatment, please contact Pam Shore, Manager of Patient Financial Services at (815) 285-5922.
  • For questions regarding your medical bill, our Patient Advocate Department would be happy to assist you and can be reached at (815) 284-4968.
  • If you have questions about managing the cost of your care and paying your medical bills, please visit the Financial Assistance page or contact (815) 284-5714.