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The Patient Advocate Department offices are now located at KSB Hospital - 1st Floor

warning KSB Welcomes Back Visitors

We have recently updated our visitor policy to allow patients to bring one visitor with them for most appointments and during inpatient stays. With the safety of our patients and team in mind, we will continue to monitor and adjust these policies as needed.


All COVID-19 testing at KSB will take place at the Town Square Centre Lab between 9 am – 2 pm. Appointments are required by contacting your KSB Provider's Office or calling 1 (800) DOCTORS.

1 (800) DOCTORS

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Lee County Unified Executive Leadership Team COVID-19 Update – April 9, 2020

Lee County Unified Executive Leadership Team COVID-19 Update: April 9, 2020

IDPH Reports 1,344 New Cases in Illinois for a total of 16,422 in 81 Illinois Counties

The State Death Toll has Risen to 528

Lee County has 3 additional positive cases of COVID-19 for a total of 9



There are now 9 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Lee County.  Today, KSB Hospital received 25 test results for Lee County, 3 positive and 22 negative.  The new cases are a person in their 30’s, a person in their 40’s, and a person in their 70’s.  7 more people were tested at the KSB Hospital COVID-19 drive thru testing site.  KSB is seeing a much quicker turnaround on test results.

The state death toll has surpassed 500, climbing to 528.  There were 1,344 new cases reported across the state for a total of 16,422 positive cases of COVID-19.  81 of the 102 Illinois counties are reporting confirmed cases.  In today’s press conference, Governor Pritzker reported some potentially positive signs that we are working towards “flattening the curve.”  This is largely due to the “stay at home” order, social distancing, and the other recommendations coming from the CDC.  As a community we must stay diligent to the order and recommendations through the Easter weekend and beyond.  At a time when our community is having more and more positive test results, we do not want to do anything that sets us back.



Court Ordered Visitation:

Lee County State’s Attorney Charley Boonstra has received questions regarding visitation related to COVID-19.  Absent a modification to any existing custody order, parents are expected to honor their court ordered visitation. Parents are encouraged to reach out to their attorney, or seek the advice of an attorney, should they have questions about any COVID-19 related visitation issues. Only a Judge can modify a court order, and all orders are subject to enforcement by local, county, and state law enforcement.


It is that time of year where “snow birds” will be returning north to their primary homes.  These are people who live at a secondary residence during certain times of the year, generally traveling to areas of the country with a warmer winter temperature.  If you are returning to Lee County, please contact the health department at 815/284-3371.  The health department will make recommendations to keep you, your family, and our community safe.

WQAD8 – Dixon businesses donating personal protective equipment to medical workers

DIXON, Illinois — Bars and restaurants, boutiques and salons — many business that were thriving just a few weeks ago in downtown Dixon need help after being forced to close due to the outbreak.

“It’s hurting them. So many places have had to close their doors or limit their operations,” said City Manager Danny Langloss. “We’re working with 43 businesses to apply for the down-state small business grant program.”

But even as businesses have their own bottom lines to worry about, many have decided to donate what they can to help protect medical workers on the front lines as personal protective equipment remains on short supply.

“We’ve had people from the construction industry, from a paint company, people are just saying what do you need?” said David Schreiner, President & CEO of KSB Hospital in Dixon

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Working Together

The spread of the COVID-19 “Coronavirus Disease” has reached our six-county region and we expect to have confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Lee County.  Local leaders continue to be proactive as they work together in combination with regional, state, and national leaders to provide accurate and timely information to our community.  The goal is to reduce and slow the spread of COVID-19 and keep residents safe while reducing the unnecessary impact on local citizens and businesses.

This video contains the most current and up-to-date information (as of March 15, 2020) from the Lee County Executive Leadership Team.  We will continue to share more information as it becomes available.


What Should I Do?

Dr. Welty of KSB Hospital talks about what you should do if you think you have Coronavirus. Don’t rush to the emergency room or your doctor’s office unless you are in respiratory distress or another medical emergency. Call first. It is an important part of reducing the spread of this virus.