3D Mammography Leaves Cancer No Place to Hide

KSB Hospital is proud to be the first provider in the Sauk Valley area to offer advanced three-dimensional, or 3D, breast imaging technology.

This new procedure takes aim at improving early breast cancer detection and diagnosis in women in our community.

This new type of mammography, also known as True Breast Tomosynthesis, takes 25 images of the breast from many different angles.

In comparison, standard two-dimensional, or 2D, mammograms take an image of the top and bottom side of the breast, which can sometimes result in abnormalities remaining hidden by overlapping tissue.

Advanced 3D images improve a doctor’s ability to detect potential breast cancers by helping to pinpoint the size, shape and location of abnormalities. The more detailed pictures helps to distinguish harmless structures from tumors, leading to fewer false positives, and less anxiety for patients.

 “The acquisition of our 3D Tomosynthesis machine has been a considerable enhancement to our services here at KSB,” explained Medical Imaging Director, Tim Broos.

“We feel confident that our 3D system is the best on the market with its recent technology development and its widest scanning arc.”

The KSB Mammography team has completed special training and certification on the True Breast Tomosynthesis technology and is now taking appointments. To schedule yours, please call (815) 284-5700.


Why 3D?

THE WIDEST ANGLE Our wide-angle 3D Mammography technology has the widest scanning arc of 50-degrees. The result is superior depth resolution and tissue layer separation for a more reliable diagnosis of abnormalities, compared to standard 2D mammography.

EXCELLENT IMAGE QUALITY Our 3D images help doctors better see the size, shape and location of an abnormality that can sometimes remain hidden in 2D mammograms. Our technology leaves cancer no place to hide.

LOWER DOSE OF RADIATION Studies have shown that image quality acquired with our wide-angle 3D Mammography machine was achieved at lower radiation doses compared to 2D counterparts.

MORE COMFORTABLE EXAM The few seconds added to the wide-angle scan is a byproduct of taking a wider view. It’s why our 3D Mammography gantry is built with an exclusive comfort feaure to enhance each woman’s experience.

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