Top Ten Tips to Lower Blood Sugar

1.) Test, Don’t Guess.
To master your blood sugar, you have to know where it is. That means checking 2 hours after meals. Don’t let the high number get you down. At least, you’ve found it and can now address it.

2.) Eat your way through the rainbow.
By choosing foods from a wide range of colors, this will add more variety in your foods and nutritional value. Living with diabetes doesn’t have to mean feeling deprived or restricted. For new recipe ideas, go to the American Diabetes Association website ( for free, one-day meal plans. 

3.) The “E” word.
Exercise. Look for every excuse to move your body during the normal course of the day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park farther from the door. Walk around the couch or back and forth in your hallway during TV commercials.

4.) Totally lose it.
Lose a pound. Or four. By lowering your weight, you’ll lower your blood sugar across the board and reduce after meal spikes. By eating a few bites less per meal, you could start the losing process. Don’t be a member of the “clean plate club”.

5.) Pretend you’re at a fancy restaurant.
Most non-fast food meals start out with a good salad. Salads are generally low in both calories and carbohydrates. The bonus; if you fill up with salad, you’ll be less hungry when it comes to the rest of the meal. So, eat less of the main meal, which should help with following Tip Number 4.

6.) Start Drinking.
Water. Stick with water and drink lots of it. It’s good for you and can help keep away hunger. Although diet sodas don’t have any calories, for some unknown reason, people who drink a lot of diet sodas have a harder time losing weight.

7.) Consider getting a dog.
Most of us have a hard time with self-motivation. Pets needing exercise are hard to say “no” to when they look at us with their big, brown eyes saying, “Please take me for a walk.”

8.) Look in the medicine cabinet.
You need to take your medicine, but sometimes medications for your other ailments can raise your blood sugar. Discuss all your medications with your physician and see if there is any other alternative medication to control your other conditions without affecting your blood sugar.

9.) Chill out.
We don’t need to worry about being chased by a saber-tooth tiger in our corner of the world. (This would cause our bodies to dump extra sugar into our blood for extra energy, in order to run away.) But our bodies do dump extra sugar with our every day stresses such as overdue bills, dropped cell phone calls, or being frustrated in traffic. We need to learn to make time to relax. This might mean a warm bath in the evening, a good book at lunch, aroma therapy, or even kick boxing.

10.) Tuck yourself in early.
Not getting enough sleep will raise your blood sugar. Think of eight hours of sleep as another medication to help manage your diabetes. Also purify your bedroom by getting all the electronic gadgets out. Your bedroom is a place to sleep.

Summary: The ten ways to lower your blood sugar aren’t difficult. They don’t have to change your entire life. Once these simple, healthy habits become a part of your daily life, they’ll help manage your blood sugar.

The preceding information was based on Wil Dubois’ column from the diabetes website “dLife”.


The information is not intended to be a replacement or substitute for consultation with a qualified medical professional or for professional medical advice related to diabetes or another medical condition. Please contact your physician with any questions and concerns about your medical condition.

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