Jump With Jill Comes To Local Schools In October

A rock star is coming to the Sauk Valley, but it’s not your typical singer or band. This one is a nutritional rock star.

 Jump with Jill, starring registered dietitian and musician Jill Jayne, MS, RD, will be performed at Dixon, Polo and Oregon elementary schools in October as part of  Community Wellness initiative.

The multimedia nutrition program makes healthy rock and has taken the issue of childhood obesity by storm. Jill will rock with fourth graders on Friday, Oct. 12, at Dixon’s Jefferson School and Centennial School in Polo and then on Monday, Oct. 15, at Oregon High School for elementary school children. Show times are at 10 a.m. in Polo, 12:45 p.m. at Jefferson in Dixon and 10 a.m. on Monday in Oregon.

“Jill dresses hip, plays the guitar and really gets the kids moving,” Community Wellness Coordinator Chris Scheffler said. “She plays catchy songs and displays upbeat dance moves and a high-energy personality.

“The kids just love her and at the same time receive a very positive message about eating properly and exercising.”

A rock & roll nutrition concert designed for schoolsworkshopscommunity events and professional development, Jump with Jill uses the same methods normally employed to sell junk food and keep kids sedentary instead as a powerful tool for teaching healthy habits.

The approach is both educationally sound and completely rock & roll.

The show was created by Jill Jayne and focuses on 10 take-away messages, including:

  • respect your body
  • eat breakfast daily
  • eat vegetables to keep skin, hair, muscles, eyes, and bones healthy
  • choose naturally sweet fruit instead of candy
  • fuel your body with healthy food for sustained energy
  • exercise frequently
  • drink water instead of sugary drinks
  • get enough calcium
  • reduce, reuse, and recycle
  • look closer at foods promising free toys and touting cartoons

Jump with Jill has been performed live 1,000 times for 250,000 kids all over the United States and Europe as well as on TV networks Nickelodeon and Sprout PBS.

It also has been featured on National Public Radio (NPR) and in­ The Washington Post.

“Fourth and fifth graders are a great age for Jill to work with,” Scheffler added. “The idea is to get the entire community moving, to engage them in exercise and healthy activities, as well as nutritionally sound eating and health education.”



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