KSB Hospital Launches Community Wellness Initiative

DIXON, Ill. – Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital today announced a new community wellness initiative designed to enhance the health of local residents through health education and activities.

“Our mission statement calls us to work to enhance the health of the community,” said Dave Schreiner, President/CEO of KSB Hospital, “We’re working with local health agencies, schools, employers, and community organizations to promote healthy lifestyles across the Sauk Valley.”

The community wellness department will lead a number of health improvement and education programs throughout the communities served by each of KSB Hospital’s ten service locations.

“KSB Hospital is supporting community wellness because we strongly believe in living out our mission” said Rick Curia, Board Chairman, “Hospitals have a growing responsibility to go beyond caring for the sick to help people make informed choices and lead healthy lives.”

Among the projects featured at the initiative’s launch is a partnership with the Dixon Police Department to provide a secure pharmaceutical disposal collection box to be located at the Dixon Public Safety Building. A joint pharmacy and police team will dispose of prescription drugs deposited in the box by a safe incineration method.

“This program gives residents an alternative to flushing medications, which can be harmful to area water supplies,” said Christine Scheffler, KSB Community Wellness Coordinator.

KSB Corporate Health Services offers comprehensive health screenings through local employers, such as Crest Foods, providing employees with a personalized health profile. The community wellness project will expand on this service and offer a range of follow-up education programs to help workers better understand what their numbers mean and how they can be improved.

“I’m excited to begin working with people across the Sauk Valley to promote health and wellness,” said Scheffler, “We have an opportunity for great partnerships with schools, employers, and community organizations to really make a difference.”

Also featured at launch is an educational partnership through the Amboy Community Center in which free programs on nutrition, physical fitness, and healthy lifestyle choices will be offered to local residents of all ages.  KSB Community Wellness will also sponsor “Jump with Jill”, a rock and roll nutrition show, for grade schoolers in Dixon and Polo next fall.

KSB Community Wellness will play an active role in local events and organizations in order to fulfill the mission of KSB Hospital. Services will be offered on a free or reduced-price basis, with unique offerings targeted at children, families, employees, senior citizens, and others.  KSB Community Wellness is supported by KSB Hospital, a not-for-profit organization.


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